Hedderwick Hill

A historic farm and melting pot of entrepreneurial and
sporting activity in East Lothian, since 1865.

This is the story of Hedderwick Hill  

Our Story

Step onto Hedderwick Hill Farm, and back in time to over 150 years of entrepreneurial activity in this corner of the County.

Located just outside Dunbar, Hedderwick Hill has been a melting pot of sporting and economic activity since 1865, when Hedderwick Hill Race Course was first established. Soon after, in 1896, West Barns Links Golf Course was created, where Hedderwick plantation currently is, which is also part of John Muir Country Park.

Today, whilst still growing a range of crops, Hedderwick Hill is a thriving hub of activity, with a variety of businesses operating within its grounds. From the family-friendly East Links Family Park and the thrilling Foxlake Adventures, to the charming John Muir Alpacas and the innovative Ocean Vertical, Hedderwick Hill is an important centre of economic activity in East Lothian.

AP Dale, who bought the farm in November 1984, has continued this long-held tradition of supporting entrepreneurial activities for the benefit of East Lothian, ensuring it remains a vibrant and dynamic part of the County.

"AP Dale has been a driving force in enabling and supporting economic activity in East Lothian since 1994".

- R. Chase

"We have supported ambitious
entrepreneurs to realise their dreams, where it can improve East Lothian for all".
- AP Dale.

Ocean Vertical - The Ethical Adventure Company

"East Lothian's farms provide fewer and fewer jobs, but Hedderwick Hill has bucked that trend — it's highly diversified and entrepreneurial. Whilst still growing traditional crops, a range of exciting businesses grow and flourish amongst its fields and beautiful woodlands, creating much local employment".

Tommy Dale

        Forth Resource Management

- Filming of Outlander Series 7 at Hedderwick Hill, April 2022

Hedderwick Hill — a story of entrepreneurship and overcoming obstacles...



Address: Hedderwick Hill, Dunbar, EH42 1XF

E-Mail: mail@hedderwickhill.com